"I cannot measure the positive impact Maia has had on my life's journey. Although she always told me that I did the work, she was both the guiding light and the instrument showing me the way. She believed in me and that I had the ability without question to heal and grow; that meant a lot to me. Her intuitive talent for quickly identifying the core issue needing to be addressed is truly a gift. She has a gentle way of peeling back the layers and helping me to dig down in the muck of my stuff for my greatest growth!! Maia has done such great work with family members I have sent to see her…..Bailey, Sarah, Katie and others who have been blessed enough to find their way to her nurturing and healing sanctuary where, quite frankly,  the magic happens. I'm extremely sad that she is moving for my own selfish reasons, but I know she'll always be a phone call, text and thought away."


Pensacola, Florida

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