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Feelings of Depression

Some feelings of depression are actually fairly common. Depression says on some level, “stop trying, it's no use; quit until you can figure out a way that might work.” Depression feels a bit like spinning our wheels on an icy surface; it requires a great deal of effort, but we're getting nowhere fast. And so, we begin to give up.

Occasional depression can be a way for us to unplug from life's pressures for a while. What we need may simply require new life perceptions or changes in our habitual reactions which better meet our needs, and which can free up our emotional energy and get us motivated and enjoying life.

Clinical or chronic depression may require a visit to your physician for you to insure there is nothing physical needing attention. Medical visits can be combined with hypnotherapy, but do require the attending physician's consent.

Depression is a sign that it is time for a change, but that there is some part of us that is afraid to let go.

 It indicates that some outworn subconscious belief is triumphing over new feelings and emotions that are attempting too surface in order to better meet our needs. The feeling of depression basically says: stop trying, it's not working, and hopelessness sets in. In order to reactivate hope, new ways need to be found to fulfill your needs, desires or wants. Recovery from depression requires a new approach.

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