About Maia Rizzi

“I have chosen the road less traveled, a road that has opened my mind and my heart.”
-Maia Rizzi

American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

Join me!

I have recently relocated my practice from Florida to the Portsmouth, N.H. /York, ME area, and I am very much looking forward to making this community my home and being of service.


I have been involved in therapeutic work for over 30 years within the continental United States, as well as in Asia, The Caribbean Islands, and the Pacific. My work has taken place in various settings such as schools, hospitals, Universities, as well as group and private sessions.

Residence Abroad:

Residing abroad during my childhood and much of my marriage has allowed me to connect to, and learn from, the wonderfully diverse cultures I have had the privilege to live in. They have taught me so much about how the energy of our belief systems are born and create our culture, and how our heartfelt feelings develop based on our mostly unconscious beliefs.  These unconscious and often unresolved beliefs dictate how we feel, and therefore, subsequently how we react to situations; our innermost beliefs literally shape our lives.


It is these very beliefs that hypnotherapy addresses...


A formal education synthesizing Bachelor's level studies in Languages / International Relations with graduate studies in Psychology have served as a solid foundation for the understanding of my fellow man. As a balancing factor, a passion for Hypnotherapy, metaphysics, holistic studies and energy medicine have taken me into a deep exploration of human consciousness and the mind / body connection. 

I received my certification through The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, which is licensed by The Florida Department of Education to train Clinical Hypnotherapists. I am a member of the international overseeing body:  The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, which assures the highest quality of education oversight in the field of Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Community Services:

While in Florida I wrote monthly counseling articles for the Pensacola News Journal's BELLA MAGAZINE for 8 years, as well as for Natural Awakenings, a holistic and alternative medicine publication. We held monthly interactive group sessions at Evermans' Community Center, and I presented at Spirit of Life Expos for years. It was a privilege to speak and facilitate at Unlimited Horizons Seminars and the University of West Florida continuing Education Program as well.

Sessions Offered:

Individual Sessions: 

I gear my Individual sessions toward helping clients arrive at a deeper understanding of their anxieties, fears, pain, depression and emotional blocks. This necessitates a change from negative belief patterns and habits which are often held unconsciously since childhood. Our beliefs shape our world, our perspectives on life, and our relationships. The brain is amazingly agile however, and can be retrained in its beliefs which is technically termed “neuroplasticity".

Group Sessions: 

Are geared towards individuals who have an interest in developing emotionally and spiritually in an interactive experiential setting. Groups usually have 6 to 8 members, and sessions can be held in my home or someone elses.

Subjects covered include : self hypnosis techniques, stress reduction, dream-work, as well as other modalities.

Alternative Sessions:

I was privileged to spend 2 years at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in California, under the tutelage of well- renowned Anthropologist Michael Harner, author of “the way of the Shaman” learning energy medicine and trance work which are both a large part of Hypnotherapy.

My work with Brian Weiss (internationally acclaimed Psychiatrist and author of several books on past life regression) has proved invaluable in working with transpersonal or past life issues.

Vision Quests are a pilgrimage into spirit which I have participated in both in the U.S. and in the South American Jungles. Vision Quests are an integral part of American Indian and Indigenous Tribal Spiritual practices which encourage the participant to look beyond their immediate environment in order to discover other dimensions or aspects of themselves and our world. It is also during a Vision quest that we acquire our “Power Animals".

Dream-work is invaluable in understanding what motivates us. Dreams are a conversation between  the conscious and subconscious mind which I find a fascinating source of information in symbolic form with which I can also help my clients. My dream studies have been progressing for 30 years and I have studied dreams with Jungian Psychiatrists at The Haden Institute.

Studies on the application of the Chakra energy system took place in Asia, where we lived for a number of years. Here I also had the opportunity to observe faith healings and study acupuncture.


Life is energy, and we have much more control over the energy we send out into the world than we ever thought possible. We attract what we send out, so my job is to help my clients restructure their outgoing energy through belief change and uncovering and eliminating blocks that keep them from their fullest potential.


The human mind, our emotions and spirit are infinitely malleable...We CAN become the best of ourselves!

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