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About Maia Rizzi

"If the voice in your head is not supporting you, it's time to replace it with a new one."


I am foremost dedicated to helping people realize the inherent power and potential of their own minds to break free of old negative patterns. My mission is to help you create a life that eliminates living in “survival or victim consciousness” which is at the root of so much pain.


It is said that we only use approximately 15% of our mental capacity; what about to the other 85%? Our minds are equipped with the depth and power to BREAK THROUGH personal limitations by tapping into some of the other percentages, but first we must be willing to change the lens through which we perceive our own minds, our lives and our personal capabilities by tapping into deeper part of ourselves.


By using Hypnotherapeutic techniques we restructure not only our psychological orientation but simultaneously rebuild our brain neurons to function more positively.  To this end, I founded BREAKTHROUGH-HYPNOTHERAPY and draw upon various systems of hypnotherapeutic techniques, energetic healing, visualizations, and both meditative and spiritual practices by blending them into personalized, client centered models for personal empowerment.

Maia Rizzi
American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

The Foundation Of My Work.

I base my 25 years of experience in Hypnotherapy and integrative counseling on the scientifically proven facts that embody what is termed “NEUROPLASTICITY”.  Neuroplasticity is basically the scientific term for the physical brain's ability to rewire itself from negative to positive by making new neural (brain cell) connections. We may be initially shaped by the forces of our early environment, but WE CAN remold or rewire our brains and restructure our minds through hypnotherapy.


My education comprises many years of living and studying abroad, while also including the traditional U.S. Bachelor's degree and Master's level studies in psychology. My true interests however lie in alternative approaches to understanding the human psyche, including: Hypnosis,  Jungian Dream-work, Shamanism, Chakra work, Regression, Transpersonal (past life) regression, meditation, and various other proven modalities.


I have had the privilege of attending the Foundation for Shamanic Studies' 2 year program with Anthropologist Michael Harner, its' founder. I have also studied transpersonal (past- life) regressions with Dr. Brian Weiss, the world's foremost expert in this field. My studies in Jungian Dream-work took place at the Haden Institute and have continued throughout the years with the many dream groups I have been privileged to lead. 


A Nationally Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I am certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners:( #310-007) a State chartered non profit professional corporation), and the primary U.S. based organization responsible for the recognition and regulation of Hypnotherapy training, coupled with maintenance of the highest code of ethics. I am also a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists #32863. I received my training at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, a State Licensed Hypnotherapy teaching facility, then located in Gainesville Florida, and now in Tampa, Florida.

Community & World Outreach

My involvement in U.S. communities began in Washington D.C. where I worked within the Suburban Hospital Addictions unit for 2 years and participated in internships at The Psychiatric Institute in Maryland.


While living in Florida I wrote monthly counseling-based articles for the Pensacola News Journal for 8 years, and participated in several “Spirit of Light Expos”. Also, I frequently contributed articles on energy medicine to Natural Awakenings, a holistic alternative- medicine publication.

Presenting classes held by the University of west Florida in their “Lifelong Learning” department as well as holding interactive seminars at Ever-mans Community Center on a monthly basis provided a testament to the fact that no mater what age we are, we never stop wanting to explore our world and our own minds.


Internationally my presentations have taken place within various venues (Universities, schools and hospitals throughout the Caribbean, The Pacific and Asia where I lived for extended periods of time.

Specialized Certifications

  • Certified Stress reduction Facilitator

  • Certified Past Life Regression Specialist

  • Certified in Natal regression and Breath work

  • Certified Regression Consultant

  • Certified Parts Therapy facilitator

  • Certified in Smoking Cessation

  • Certified Weight Management Specialist

  • Certified in the “Simpson Protocol”; a spiritually based hypnosis technique.

  • Certified Sleep Specialist.

  • Certified Self Hypnosis Instructor

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