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Early Life Regression Therapy

and Inner Child Issues

We all want to progress through life by behaving in an adult fashion. In doing so, however, we mistakenly attempt to ignore our life as a child, and omit it from who we think ourselves to be.The thing is that the energies of your early emotions are not lost in some long ago and far away place; they live on inside your subconscious mind. The impact of your childhood dreams, fears, anger and traumas are still present in what psychology today terms your “inner child”. Your inner child's ways of coping with life, are, of course, no longer applicable in adulthood. And therefore what we believed as children, all too often translates into our adult self's loneliness, marital discord,  feelings of lack, emotional challenges etc. 


By working with hypnosis you have the opportunity to reshape your emotional reactions, thereby creating the present and future as YOU would have them be.

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