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Chakra Work

This subtle energy field vibrating within each living being is separated into 7 horizontal layers beginning at the feet and moving to the top of our heads. These energy fields extend beyond the physical body about 4 to 6 inches and are then termed “auras” which can be seen by some people but can also be photographed through a process known as Kyrlian photography.

Chakra malfunctions are based on the principle that the electromagnetic energy fields of the body, which are in a constant state of motion, can become blocked by locked in attitudes or feelings, as well as through long-standing emotional or mental traumas. Poor posture and injuries can also create energy blocks.

Chakra healing takes place through a process, which represents a release of old, ways and a discovery of new ones; what is required is an attitudinal shift, and a willingness to consider adopting new and freeing beliefs.

Chakras are part of the body's subtle energy system; a concept that was accepted by our ancestors many thousands of years ago. These 7 electromagnetic zones of the physical body correspond to actual physical zones. Medicine describes our physical systems in terms of chemistry relating to health purely through the “visible” aspects of the body. Beyond it's material form however, the body is in actuality a dynamic, pulsating field of energy. Chakra healing is based on the principle that the electromagnetic energy of the body can malfunction, thus requiring a shift, which emanates from our thoughts, emotions, and our very powerful minds. 

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