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Self-change cannot be accomplished by will alone. To adapt successfully to the many stressors of life we must first learn to view challenges through positive lenses which can  much more easily be achieved through the use of Therapeutic Hypnosis.

SELF-HYPNOSIS (also known as auto-suggestion) has wide open potential as a personal tool for redirecting our own energies into more expanded, peaceful and creative living whenever we wish.


Various forms of self-hypnosis when practiced over periods of several weeks can bring about noticeable changes and a wide spectrum of benefits ranging from increased self-confidence, greater intuition and creativity to lowering anxiety, blood pressure and achieving a more profound peace of mind. 

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Self- hypnosis or “Auto hypnosis” has immense potential as a therapeutic tool for redirecting our own energies into a more creative and healthy living.

Autosuggestion, (using self-hypnosis) which means suggesting goals to yourself while in a self-imposed state of extreme relaxation (hypnosis), gives us the power to select the habits we wish to overcome, and the means to strengthen inner abilities by using the power of our deeper (subconscious) mind.

Self-hypnosis, when practiced over several weeks will bring about a noticeable decrease in anxiety and marked improvement in recall, performance, self-confidence and even certain problematic physical symptoms.

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