My wish is that by finding hypnotherapy and hypnosis, you will chose to begin a great adventure into new territory; a journey into healing your pain, your thoughts, your heart, and your spirit. We are all on a journey to becoming our most expressive selves. Like artists, we express our innermost beings through our loves, our passions, and our fears.

Along the journey there are junctures in life where we can find ourselves challenged by our own emotions, beliefs or outworn habits; in other words we are holding onto unnecessary baggage from the past.


We cannot will ourselves to change, so, many of us continue reacting to stressors in our lives as we always have. We become increasingly stressed, sleepless, gain weight, smoke, or drink too much. We take pills, or sometimes just withdraw from the world, settling into what feels like an undercurrent of anxiety or depression.

This is the beginning, not the end! 

Hypnotherapy provides a powerful tool for achieving our goals and overcoming our challenges. It is approved by the American Medical Association, as well as the National Institutes of Health. Hypnotherapy is medically safe and is an established therapy that is used by thousands of doctors and psychiatrists world-wide.


Hypnotherapy is also so much more than that!

Using  hypnotic techniques to access our deeper mind is like having a magical type skeleton key which opens doors within the psyche. Our key works by using hypnosis to locate core beliefs held in our subconscious in order to reprogram or reeducate them for positive results. This enables us to release the energy blocks or resistance within us. It helps clear up emotional and sometimes even physically chronic symptoms. It gives you space to breathe.

Whatever you inner block may be, at its foundation is a negative self-belief held unconsciously. A shift in your beliefs holds the key to achieving greater health and a more creative, open-hearted, and abundant way of living. We all deserve to move closer to self-love, no matter our background. We need to breathe in a deeper connection to all that is around us... our Community, the World, the Universe. We need to consciously evolve in order to bring a new world into being, for ourselves, and for others.

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