Approach and Goals

 I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist; but I am foremost a life-seeker of truth. In this capacity it is the approach of my practice to tenderly access the heart of my client's mind by using hypnotherapy to assist you in breaking through negative thought patterns, restrictive personal boundaries and energy blocks.  This process ultimately facilitates the blossoming of your own truth. We forget what powerful beings we really are, and the rediscovery that you are more powerful than you ever thought begins your journey toward greater self-empowerment.


Our “life education” has not necessarily taught us to live in joy. Many live in the land of “struggle” or have often visited there; we need to learn new ways of being, thinking, feeling, and mostly…. believing. Greater self awareness begins a deeper understanding of how our past affects both our present and our future while increasing our ability to create a positive relationship with ourselves and with others.

Your mind and body are intertwined. Emotional stressors in life can take a toll on your physical body and affects the way you think about yourself and cope with your environment.

Goals include assisting clients in breaking free of old negative patterns that affect both our minds and our physical selves. My purpose is to help you create a life that eliminates living in “survival or victim consciousness” which is at the root of so much pain.

Louise Hay, well respected author of numerous books on self healing and owner of Hay-House publications, is a courageous and progressive woman who cured herself of terminal cancer, states that: “no matter what the problem is, our experiences are just outer effects of inner thoughts. Negative thoughts produce certain painful feelings, and we buy into these feelings. How often have you been incapable, or refused to think positive thoughts about yourself? Well, you can just as easily refuse to think negative thoughts about yourself too.”

In her writings Louise also states that criticism as a permanent habit hardens our feelings and can lead to arthritis in the body; guilt looks for punishment and punishment creates pain; worry can create ulcers, stress creates high blood pressure, cholesterol and even weight gain. Lack of self love creates feelings of isolation..and the list goes on.

My approach is also to place emphasis on the need to forgive the past; willingness to forgive is not so much for the recipient of our forgiveness in order to help them… s US that it heals because we are the ones that have let go of the burden of carrying resentment, anger or other negative feelings in our hearts, and this frees up an enormous amount of positive energy.

Last, but by no means least,  my goal is to lead clients to achieving greater self esteem. This begins with learning never to criticize ourselves; we are, after all, doing the best we can at the moment. In her book You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hayes states that: "Criticism locks us into the very patterns we are trying to change.” Understanding and being gentle with ourselves helps us to move beyond criticism into an appreciation not just for ourselves, but for others as well.


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